Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra

Hi, girls! Just wanted to share a quick review about a Victoria’s Secret Sport outfit I received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and I’m amazed by its quality. The Incredible #VSSportBra has maximum support, breathable padding with wicking liner to keep you extra dry, concealed wire for cushioned support, padded straps and bounded, seamless technology that eliminates irritation, super soft elastic brand for comfort and movement, cushioned, adjustable back closure, body wick helps you cool and dry. It honestly feels so comfy and as usual in all Victoria’s Secret bras this Sport Bra gives a sexy lift and cleavage. I did an hour workout without having to pull down or up the Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra, which lead me to #SportBraBreakup with the other sport bras I used.

Plus, I also received the Knockout Tight in Medium Rise, form fitting which is fantastic, it has smooth seams for total comfort, lined and reinforced gusset, hidden drawstring waist, hidden waistband bucket, nylon performance fabric with four way stretch and also body wick which helps you keep cool and dry. This tight support tummy area so perfect, it doesn’t runs down while doing squats or any other exercise that requires bending over. It simply stays in place perfectly.

I washed both pieces in the washing machine delicate cycle and wind dried them without any problem, they still look like new. The material is definitely high quality and is worth the price.This amazing set is so sexy and most of all it’s so comfortable that it allows movement easily. I highly recommend it!

I have extra coupons for a 25% off any single #VSSport item valid through Sept. 21, 2014, so if any of you are interested in one contact me via email so I can send you one.


This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

#contest #VSSportBra #VSSportTester

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